5 steps in creating beautiful brows

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At Celeste Carter, Permanent Makeup we use our experience, industry expertise, the finest pigments to provide each client with a perfect set of brows. Although every set of brows are individual to each client, we always follow the same steps in creating beautiful brows.

Step 1: Firstly, we will carry out a skin assessment, this looks at your skin’s undertones to ensure that the right pigment that is chosen for you. This is a highly skilled part of the process and takes a great deal of experience to successfully understand.

Step 2: We will then discuss what type of brows and look you’re trying to achieve; at this point you’re free to bring pictures of brows that you like while others will take our advice. Your facial dimensions will be measured with callipers to ensure the result that is most flattering for your bone structure.

Step 3: Your input during this point is critical in the creation of your brows. We will pencil on the brows, although this will be wiped off once the treatment is underway.

Step 3: Anaesthetic will be applied to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment (most of our ladies fall asleep so please don’t worry about pain) We will then use our signature technique to replicate the appearance of hairs in the skin in the predesigned shape that has already been agreed by you.

Step 4: Final hair-by-hair adjustments will be made to make sure your new brows are as flattering as possible and exactly what you want. However, the treatment is only half complete! The colour from this treatment will soften by more than 50% and during your second session we will add more colour and make any slight adjustments at the touch up.

Step 5: We recommend that our clients come back at least once a year for an annual retouch to keep the colour refreshed and make any anti-aging shape adjustments. Without this yearly top-up, the pigment will eventually fade out of the skin.

I hope you've found this insightful and please book here to start your beautiful brow journey.